Sunset Aperitif at a pine forest hill

After a long day of exploring the historical sites of Hue, there is no better way to unwind than finding a tranquil place to enjoy a cool drink. If this sounds appealing to you, we have found the perfect place!   

Escape from crowded streets and enjoy aperitif in a tranquil place

Overlooking the perfume river valley on a quiet hillside with rolling pine forests, the atmosphere is perfect to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Under a white pavilion, we set up your own little nest tucked away from busy tourist sites. Sip your aperitif whilst the sun dips towards the horizon and enshrouds everything in an amber glow.

Drink wine at romantic sunset 

Arrive on Vong Canh hill and walk 200 meter up through the pine forest to be greeted by a stunning view over the perfume river. A little further we set up a nice pavilion and a waitress wearing the traditional Ao Dai welcomes you. You can have sparkling wine (or champagne in the deluxe version). Take a seat, enjoy the view and the relaxing atmosphere before heading for dinner.

You can combine to visit all tombs, pagodas and the church north of Hue. Biking or getting there with a Vespa is also a good idea! Contact our experts for more information and create the best itinerary for your guests!

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