24th July 2017
Làng Tôi (My Village), is a new Vietnam cirque spectacle interprets the daily life of a traditional village through a mixture of acrobatics, juggling and folk music, is now performed regularly at the 106 year-old Hanoi Opera House. The show will give you insight into the beauty of Northern Vietnam's village life.
13th July 2017
Director of Sales and Marketing Carl V. Sladen at Raffles Hotel Le Royal and Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor shared with ASIA DMC the meaning of going beyond expectations and how Raffles has improved service standards and customer focus. 
16th May 2017
Many people are hesitant to book a trip to Southeast Asia between April and September, believing they will be stuck in their hotel rooms staring at heavy rain pouring down outside. But ASIA DMC believes that April to September is actually an excellent time to visit, when many destinations are at their best. Our destination experts will share with you their reasons for choosing South East Asia for your summer holiday.
14th April 2017
Are you ready to get rid of any ‘bad luck ‘from the past year by immersing yourself in the religious festivities? Bui Anh Phong Country Manager of ASIA DMC Laos shares about his experience on the most significant dates in the Lao calendar.
7th April 2017
Walking around Myanmar’s streets in Myanmar’s Thingyan traditional Water Festival, joining plentiful activities and witnessing spiritual customs along with original religious nuances to discover its dynamic tradition and culture. Gerben Bloemendaal, Managing Director of ASIA DMC Myanmar shared good humor and friendliness are the pillars on which this festival stand.
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