26th May 2017
Burmese cuisine is a fusion of Thai, Indian, Chinese and a mixture of smaller local tribal influences like Shan, Mon and others. One of the best ways to get a taste of a culture is through exploring its food sold on the street. A day tasting the street food of Yangon, one of Myanmar’s most busy and exciting cities, will leave you licking your fingers, searching for the next thing to devour and with a very sweaty back.
24th May 2017
Foodies call Myanmar cuisine the “last frontier” for Asian foods. Owing to its geographic location, Burmese cuisine has been influenced by Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Thai cuisine. There is no better way to experience a dynamic culture than through a dedicated cooking tour to savor its tapestry of tastes, colors and smells! 
22nd May 2017
Myanmar is a new exotic tourism destination and visitors are discovering a cuisine that’s been largely hidden from sight for the last 50 years. Here is a top 10 of delicious Myanmar dishes which you must try when travel to this country.
18th May 2017
Many people are hesitant to book a trip to Southeast Asia between April and September, believing they will be stuck in their hotel rooms staring at heavy rain pouring down outside. But ASIA DMC believes that April to September is actually an excellent time to visit, when many destinations are at their best. In this newsletter, our destination experts will share with you their reasons for choosing South East Asia for your summer holiday.
17th May 2017
What better way to experience a culture than through its food. In Vietnam, there is an different array of dishes on offer, and the flavours are fresh, healthy and full of taste. Develop a deep appreciation of the flavours, history and culture of Vietnamese cuisine by taking a cooking class.
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