Action for a Green Ha Long 2017

Last week on the 29th and 30th of August, ASIA DMC participated in its 3rd event of 2017, the conservation of the Ha Long Bay ecosystem with the campaign “Action for a Green Ha Long”. 

This coastal clean-up event has been organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2012 and is aimed to raise awareness of our vital need to improve environmental conservation and sustainability in Viet Nam. Environmental awareness is gaining significant momentum within the country, especially in the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, with the participation of institutional partners like IUCN, USAID, local NGO’s and governmental representation.

"As our business continues to grow, we are determined to reduce the impact from our operations and increase the benefit to the communities we visit" (ASIA DMC).

Since it was established, ASIA DMC is committed to operating a business model that is recognized to be socially and environmentally responsible. Therefore, we are committed to following, implementing, and promoting good sustainability practices, especially with our HG Foundation.

ASIA DMC’s Group Managing Director, Mr. Linh Le, and Managing Director, Ms. Tuyet, participating in the “Action for a Green Ha Long” initiative

Besides the main objectives of collecting trash and raising awareness of environmental conservation, these activities also help to maintain the quality of tourist destinations, creating longer term jobs, generating significant state revenue, and promoting green practices from businesses. ASIA DMC is proud to participate and support initiatives like these, contributing our voice and resources where appropriate. The success of the “Action for a Green Ha Long” events reaffirm our commitment towards environmental protection—a fundamental goal to achieving our vision of sustainable tourism. Together, with every little action taken, we can make an impact which not only enhances preservation of Viet Nam’s crown jewels but also  keeps the heritage of local community from fading away.  

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