ASIA DMC introduces ‘Roots and Fruits’ Campaign in Myanmar and Thailand

Fresh off their triumph at the World Travel Awards in Shanghai, ASIA DMC, who were awarded Leading Destination Management Company in Myanmar and Asia, have introduced their ground breaking tree planting initiative, known as the Roots and Fruits campaign to Myanmar and Thailand. 

‘Roots and Fruits’ Campaign in Thailand

This campaign sees the concurrent planting of hundreds of fruit trees across remote, socially deprived areas, with the aim of providing a new, sustainable resource for communities in need. 

To initiate the campaign within Myanmar, ASIA DMC and the HG Foundation visited Htatapin Monastery, where they combined their efforts to plant a sufficient Mango, Jackfruit and Drumstick population to produce a potential 9,000 kg's of fruit and offset 12,000 kg of carbon over the tree’s lifetime. Meanwhile, in Thailand, the program was introduced at the Temple school in Samui Sakhon,

‘Roots and Fruits’ Campaign in Myanmar

The tree-planting campaign is representative of the HG foundation’s dual-purpose carbon offset programme, an innovative strategy to incorporate social responsibility and ensure that operations promote sustainable travel and tourism while also creating micro- economies in destinations where socio-economic development is sorely lacking. 

“As we celebrate being awarded the Leading Destination Management Company in Asia at the World Travel Awards, we also want to establish a sustainable base for our on-going achievements,” added Linh Le, Group Managing Director. “This has inspired us to focus and commit to socially responsible, sustainable operations as an integral part of our expansion.” 

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