ASIA DMC launches a set of engine-free adventures

Always striving to gear up its partners with innovative travel solutions, ASIA DMC’s latest product developments were focused on making engine-free travel in Southeast Asia a reality, finally. From city tours to multi-day adventures, our product team imagined and delivered material to re-think the way we approach travel and our destinations.

Engine-free travel by ASIA DMC

Let’s give a bit of context first. Transportation is an essential element of our travel industry. And in Southeast Asia, transportation is something that keeps evolving at a very fast pace. From major improvements in infrastructures and equipment, and along an evolution in mindsets, the integration of smarter and more efficient transportation into travel has never been easier. Guilhem Cavaillé, ASIA DMC’s Head of Travel, explains:


“The acceleration of roads developments in rural areas and the emergence of new destinations close to each other opened up the opportunity for us to create short itineraries that do not require commutes to be motorized anymore. We were able to create tour modules for people willing to explore diverse landscapes and immerse into local cultures with the added thrill and pleasure of connecting the dots on walking, cycling or kayaking treks. The playground is rather unchartered yet but already offers enough resources to cater for many different types of traveler.”  


These engine-free modules are part of a wider effort from ASIA DMC to always highlight and propose alternative solutions to the primary use of private motorized transportation. Further to lowering the environmental impact of the tour, this also often supports a reduction of costs and improves the experience of both the visitor and the host community.


“Traveling on a bicycle or on foot is traveling at the pace of local people and the daily life. You will always increase your chances of interactions if you cross a village or pass by rice fields on foot instead of from behind a car’s window. Plus, even on easy treks, I believe the simple fact to go from point A to point B human-powered is highly satisfying for people. It levels us back with the destination and provides a rewarding feeling of achievement.” 


This is with this idea of getting closer to the people and their environments, both natural and cultural, that ASIA DMC also engineered a range of walking and cycling city tours. In Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, comes a range of urban micro-adventures. A new way to approach city tours, replacing the old “hop-on hop-off” cultural tour by something more experiential and adapted to today’s cities’ development.


“Most city tours you will find online are almost the exact same as we used to see 10 to 15 years ago. At least, the concept they are based on is the same. It is crucial to note here that almost every escorted holiday in our region begins and ends with a city tour. A city tour is likely to be the first and the last impression a traveler will have of the country and of the services we provided. Realizing this, we considered urgent to offer something different, better aligned with the level of development of the cities and the changes in travelers’ interests. Spending all day in a car, stuck in congested traffic most of the time to go from a specific temple to a notorious market is obsolete. Nobody enjoys this really. The chances for the travelers to create unforgettable memories out of that are extremely thin. The walking and cycling itineraries we developed are for travelers to explore and fully immerse into specific aspects of each city. For them to experience and live something unique, adjusting their pace to seize the most of the elements they evolve in.”    


All of this being just a beginning. While people pay growing considerations to their lifestyle and their impact on the outside world, tours with lower environmental consequences and a higher immersive dimension shall have bright days ahead.


If you want to learn more about the range of engine-free possibilities; and study with us how you could minimize the motorized transportation part of your tours in our region, reach outto us  at !

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