ASIA DMC Leads The Way With Its Pioneering Carbon Offset Product

HANOI, VIETNAM – On the heels of its 21st anniversary, 2018 World Travel Awards winner as Leading DMC in Asia, ASIA DMC, has become the first company of its kind to pioneer carbon offset packages to supplement its land touring programs.

Designed to reduce the negative impact of tourism and improve the environmental and social standing of the business (including its partners) through carbon reduction projects operated across South East Asia.

“Alongside with the rapid growth, the global travel and tourism industry is facing a number of complex social and environmental challenges said Linh Le, Group Managing Director of ASIA DMC. “Whether it’s the private, public or non-profit sector, we must all play a role, preferably in collaboration, to minimise the negative environmental impacts whilst maximising the positive ones.”

The company has signed an exclusive agreement with Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), the first commercial partner to the United Nations CDM Registry, to measure the carbon footprint that travellers are creating. “Sustainability-approved” packages are also offered, providing responsible travel advice and the option for guests to offset the carbon emissions created by their trip for just a $1 per person a day.

The agreement with CTX – which has already successful facilitated millions of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reductions – will allow travellers to purchase carbon offsets. Each carbon offset purchased will fund United Nations and/or Gold Standard certified climate finance projects, such as solar energy, wind farms, reforestation and cook stove projects that reduce an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere to those that cannot be avoided during the trips. Therefore, from the first steps of their journey with ASIA DMC, travellers are already sustainably aware, which encourages further responsible proactivity in during their travel, thus forwarding the company’s message of sustainable change.

In addition to the company’s long-standing commitments and efforts to address sustainable development needs, the new Carbon Offset product showcases the way ASIA DMC and its partners provide travel experiences – not only as a measure toneutralise carbon emissions but to meet the growing demand from travellersto travel in an ethical and responsible way.

Linh Le, Group Managing Director of ASIA DMC added: “We were one of the first businesses to recognise and respond to the impacts of tourism on the environment and social community. Since established, we always put environmental and social consideration at the very core of our business, ensuring that everything we do has a positive impact.”

Several initiatives have been undertaken across South East Asia by ASIA DMC through its HG Foundation including reducing energy and water use, choosing sustainable suppliers, eliminating the use of plastic and implementing child and animal-welfare policies, etc. Since 2017, a part of the company’s carbon offset programme has been launched through the “Roots and Fruits” campaign to coincide with its target to achieve carbon neutral status by 2020.

This new, responsibility-oriented product not only enables ASIA DMC’s customers to offset their carbon emissions, but it also promises to contribute to the growth of the industry whilst decoupling from negative environmental impacts.   


ASIA DMC is an international award-winning Destination Management Company (DMC) specialising in Southeast Asia and solely dedicated to B2B trade. Founded in 1997 in Hanoi where the company is headquartered, ASIA DMC welcomes guests to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar where it operates offices led by highly experienced international and local native-speaking professionals. International guests from around the world include agency clients from the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia and New Zealand, making ASIA DMC a continental service provider for global businesses ranging from special interest groups, set departure groups and tailor-made trips for high-end experiential and independent private travel. ASIA DMC showcases responsible travel experiences and solutions with creativity, passion, in-depth local knowledge and expertise. Product and corporate focus is dedicated to the celebration of Asia in an extremely trade and customer-centric way that also serves to protect the local people, culture and environment by working closely with its in-house HG Foundation which leads numerous community and environmental initiatives around the region.

About Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX):

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is World’s first Exchange for Voluntary Carbon Offsets and the first commercial partner to the United Nations CDM Registry. With a decade of trading experience, CTX has successfully facilitated millions of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reductions. CTX enables buyers and sellers to transact carbon credits electronically in a transparent and secure environment ensuring a fast transfer of credits. CTX lists Carbon Offsets certified by the Gold Standard and United Nations CDM.

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T: +44 203 598 5890

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