ASIA DMC Pioneers A New Approach of City Touring

For a few years, travellers to Southeast Asia have shown a declining interest in classic-cultural touring and purely historical-oriented visits.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Rather, travel now finds its purpose in the difference of the experience – in the differences of today’s life. It is about observation, immersion, interaction, and the understanding of local people’s lives, as well as of the social and cultural context they live in. Of course, for plenty of travellers some of the classic sites remain important and should not be missed.

Railway in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

With this in mind, ASIA DMC has designed a new concept of city tours, offering the perfect blend of daily life and iconic cultural sites. We have creatively re-engineered all of our city tours, from Hanoi to Yangon and including smaller towns like Hue, Hoi An and Luang Prabang. These new innovative tours have already been implemented in Hanoi and Luang Prabang to start with, and have been met with immediate success and praise from our guests. Why? Because they bring people into the emotional side of travel, where immersion and interaction foster a feeling of integration and attachment. Key innovative elements of these tours are our so-called urban walks.

Walking is ultimately the very best way to get immersed in a destination’s daily life and to encourage natural exchanges between visitors and locals alike. These urban-walks take people right into the hidden hearts of the cities, where the street-life is more intense and genuine, and where travellers would not usually venture to without us, simply because these districts are not on any tourist map. As part of these urban walks, people will taste local food, sip local brews, explore smaller unknown markets, and learn about parts of a more contemporary history that cannot be found in any museum or guidebook. Having original and appealing city tours is an essential key to product differentiation. Reason being that whatever program you are making for your clients, it will always start with a city tour. The first days that people read about in your proposals will be how they are going to experience the fascinating cities with you, and this should feel exclusive and remarkable to them. City tours are the very first impression that your clients will have of you; and now is the time to give them the attention they deserve, by re-thinking the way we explore urban destinations and embrace travel trends.

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