Baitong Hotel & Resort – The Harbor of Tranquility

Located in Phnom Penh around 1.5km from the Royal Palace and 1.2km from the Tuol Sleng Museum, The Baitong Hotel & Resort is a harbour of tranquillity for guests who relish exclusivity and luxury.

Newly opened in June 2019, the property stunned everyone with its inspirational development, taken directly from the hanging Gardens of Babylon, with its mythical water fountains and pools, its mesmerizing gardens, orchards, enchanting palaces and temples. This green approach is reflected from every angle of the property, with numerous trees and scrubs across its premises., With the soothing sounds of water flowing from the waterfall in the central pool, the cooling atmosphere provides comfort and peace in the heart of Phnom Penh.

The philosophy of seeking a return to nature, is noticeable throughout the hotel with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials and products, all-natural ingredients and allergen-free substances and services.

We are here to provide local expertise!