Bhaya Cruise’s Andrej Stein shares the expert's view of cruising on Halong Bay

Renowned for its spectacular views of thousands of islands jutting out of the sparkling jade green water, Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular travel hotspots in all of Asia. Cruising on the bay’s tranquil water and exploring famous caves is an experience of a lifetime. Meet with Bhaya Cruise’s Director of Operations, Mr. Andrej Stein, to have an expert’s view of the amazing cruising experience awaiting guests in the Gulf of Tonkin. 

Q. How are cruises in Halong Bay different to other regions?

First of all, Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site with incredible natural limestone formations. These formations come in different and interesting shapes and sizes including the famous “Fighting Cocks”. Formed by Mother Nature for more than thousands of years, the iconic limestone rocks make this a truly unique place in the world to visit. Paired with local cuisine and the warm hospitality of the local crew who have usually grown up in the beauty of the Ha Long Bay region make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Q. What are some of the top cruise locations in this region?

Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba National Park are definitely must-visit parts of Ha Long. Bai Tu Long means ‘the place where the dragon children descended’. It's an isolated, otherworldly, remote area of the gulf, scattered with knobby peaks, pillars fringed with untidy twigs, solid limestone sentinels cut with sheer bare-faced rock and, every once in a while, an apron of creamy sand seen tied to the base of the towers. The island of Cat Ba features rich rainforests growing various types of Cat Ba’s own produce including lemongrass and citrus fruits.

Bhaya Classic on Halong Bay

Bhaya Classic on Halong Bay

Q. Your personal recommendation for a cruise guest?

To carefully study their itinerary to ensure it is suited for their travel style. More often than not you may end up going to places where all the other tourists are heading, at the same time.

Q. What makes your cruise boats so special?

As the largest cruise tour operator in Ha Long Bay, we pride and challenge ourselves in offering a cruise experience combining the bay's magnificent scenery with a taste of Vietnam's rich traditional culture, while ensuring all the amenities and services discerning travellers expect are provided. Bhaya stands among the most reputable and sought after cruise operators, providing authentic and environmentally sustainable cruises at affordable prices.

Q. What’s your ‘top tip’ for travelers thinking of joining a cruise in Southeast Asia?

Safety First.

Though cruising is one of the safest forms of travel and the vast majority of cruises pass without incident, just like a land-based vacation, it's worth taking a few basic precautions to stay safe.

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