14th April 2017
Are you ready to get rid of any ‘bad luck ‘from the past year by immersing yourself in the religious festivities? Bui Anh Phong Country Manager of ASIA DMC Laos shares about his experience on the most significant dates in the Lao calendar.
7th April 2017
Walking around Myanmar’s streets in Myanmar’s Thingyan traditional Water Festival, joining plentiful activities and witnessing spiritual customs along with original religious nuances to discover its dynamic tradition and culture. Gerben Bloemendaal, Managing...
3rd April 2017
Andre Van Der Marck, Managing Director of ASIA DMC Thailand shared his own experience about Thailand festivals and recommendations on activities which visitors can experience the culture and fun throughout the event. 
23rd February 2017
Thailand travel specialist Andre van der Marck from bespoke tour operator ASIA DMC share his experience on the best time to visit this beautiful and dynamic country.
25th January 2017
As a Hanoian and used to be a tour guide, I already thought that I have known Hanoi so well and quite enough to be a knowledgably. However, it really changed my mind after the motorbike trip with Vespa Adventure. The view of sitting in the back and take every small scene on the way will be a most...
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