COVID-19 Updates & Travel Insights

An overview of recent changes, driven by the coronavirus situation, which could temporarily affect tourism in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar.

As the rest of the world, ASIA DMC's destination countries have been taking a wide range of preventive measures against COVID-19. While all of these policies are put in place in an attempt to contain the pandemic, some of them could also have temporary impacts on immigration and travel. In this article, we aim to deliver an up-to-date tourism-focused situation overview concerning our five destinations.


Vietnam: (visit Vietnam Tourism site for more information)

  • Health declaration is required for all passengers entering Vietnam. (see details and guidelines under section III below)

  • From March 22, Vietnam suspends entry for all foreign nationals, including those of Vietnamese origin and their family members who already have visa to Vietnam.

  • For those travelling for official or diplomatic purposes, visa issuance will be considered and they are subject to health declaration, medical check and a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Vietnam.

  • For those travelling for official or diplimatic purposes carrying official documents to certify that they are free of the novel coronavirus, self-isolation at their accommodation is required.

  • From March 16, all foreign nationals in Vietnam (as well as all Vietnamese citizens) are required to wear face masks in public areas and throughout every domestic or international flight from and to Vietnam.

  • Numerous hotels, attractions and activities (including F1 Vietnam Grand Prix) are closed until further notice. 

See below some destinations (related to ASIA DMC's programs) temporarily closed due to COVID-19 (updated daily):


  • Health declaration is required on arrival, however passengers showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be tested in airport health quarantine cabins.

  • From March 20, Laos suspends visa-on-arrival for all nationals, tourist visa at Lao Diplomatic Mission Overseas, e-visa, as well as visa exemption for ASEAN countries and countries that signed agreement on visa exemption both unilateral and bilateral with Laos.

  • 10 border checkpoints are closed: Panghok (Phongsaly), Nam Soy (Huaphanh), Namkan (Xieng Khuang), Phoukeua (Attapeu), Daktaok (Bolikhamxay), Namheuang (Xayabouly), Nam Ngeun (Xayabouly), Na Pao (Khammuan), and Savannakhet International Airport.

  • The public are advised against all but essential cross-border travel.

  • Entertainment venues and massage parlors are temporarily closed.


  • Health declaration is required for all passengers entering Cambodia. (see details and guidelines under section III below)

  • Visa exemption and issuance of tourist visa, e-visa and visa-on-arrival to all foreign nationals are suspended. This restriction will be in place for 30 days.

  • Any foreigner wishing to travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia must obtain a prior visa from Cambodian missions abroad. He/She must provide a medical certificate, issued by competent health authorities of his/her country no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel, certifying that he/she is not tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, he/she must provide proof of his/her insurance policy that shows minimum medical coverage during his/her intended stay in Cambodia in the amount not less than fifty thousand US dollars.

  • The requirements for medical certificate and insurance do not apply to any foreigner holding diplomatic visa (Visa A) or official visa (Visa B) of Cambodia.

  • Upon entry into the Kingdom of Cambodia, any foreigner will be subject to a health risk assessment and screened by competent government officers before he/she is allowed to enter into the country. He/She will be subject to a mandatory isolation, quarantine or any other measures for the prevention and containment of this virus as prescribed by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

  • From March 18, all museums are closed until further notice.

  • From March 13, all kinds of cruises and speed boats are banned until further notice.


  • Health declaration is required for some passengers entering Thailand. (see details and guidelines under section III below)

  • Visa exemption is suspended for Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong until further notice.

  • Visa-on-arrival is suspended until further notice.

  • Passengers must comply with health screening procedures at Thailand airports. Without a risk-free certificate after screening, passengers will be refused their boarding passes.

  • Passengers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Italy are required to self-quarantine at designated areas or at residences.

  • Passengers from other areas with ongoing local transmission (e.g Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, France etc) are required to self-monitor at residences and check their body temperature for 14 days.

  • Passengers showing symptoms will be sent to a hospital for further testing.


  • Health declaration is required for all passengers entering Myanmar. (see details and guidelines under section III below)

  • Foreign nationals are suspended entry through any border checkpoint between Myanmar and its neighbouring countries. Local population on both sides of the borders can enter or exit through existing checkpoints after health check and temparature screening.

  • Foreign nationals with valid visa may enter or exit Myanmar only through the checkpoints at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airport in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

  • British nationals are advised against all but essential travel to Myanmar. British nationals who remains in Myanmar are advised against all but essential travel to Rakhine State (excluding the southern townships of Munaung), Thandwe (including the tourist resort of Ngapali), Gwa, Paletwa (Chin State), Shan State (North), Kachin State (excluding the towns of Myitkyina, Bhamo and Putao).

  • Recent travellers to the US will be put under surveillance for 14 days upon their arrival to Myanmar.

  • Recent travellers to France, Italy, Iran, Spain and Germany will be quarantined upon their arrival to Myanmar.

  • Recent travellers to China or the Republic of Korea are refused visas and entry to Myanmar.

  • Large public events, festivals and cinemas are restricted.



Last updated: 10 April 2020

Vietnam: 255 total infected, 144 recoveries

Laos: 16 total confirmed cases

Cambodia: 119 total confirmed cases, 72 recoveries

Thailand: 2,473 total confirmed cases, 1,013 recoveries

Myanmar: 27 total confirmed cases, 2 recovery



1. Health Declaration Guidelines (according to section I above)


  • All passengers are required to complete a medical declaration form on arrival or online (within 24 hours before entering Vietnam)

  • For the phone number, enter ASIA DMC Vietnam hotline: +84 914 691 212

  • Visit this page for more details


  • The medical declaration form is delivered alongside the visa application form at the immigration counter

  • For the phone number, enter ASIA DMC Cambodia hotline: +85 578 769 888


  • Passengers from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran and Italy are required to submit a T8 form (under the Communicable Diseases Act 2015) to the airport disease control staff

  • For the phone number, enter ASIA DMC Thailand hotline: 08 6402 9121


  • All passengers are required to complete a health declaration card provided by flight attendants

  • For the phone number, enter ASIA DMC Myanmar hotline: +95 966 478 6265 / +95 926 062 2135

2. Travel Recommendations:

  • Check your entry eligibility prior to travel

  • Expect policy changes with little to no advance notice, and a number of hotels and attractions being temporarily closed by the governments

  • Comply with health procedures at any destination countries including health declaration, medical screening, quarantine at accommodations or governmental facilities

  • Consider postponing travel plans until the destinations are safe and officially opened for visitors

3. Safety Recommendations:

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers

  • Refrain from touching mouth and nose

  • Wear face masks when in public areas

  • Maintain social distancing, particularly with those showing symptoms

  • Seek medical attention if any symptom is detected: fever, flu (coughing, sore throat, fatigue), shortness of breath


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