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Multi-Generational Travel – An Exciting New Trend in Family Holidays

An exciting new trend is emerging in the family travel sector. At this time of year, families typically gather at home to celebrate the festive season. But December is also the perfect time of year for family getaway, and a festive holiday also makes a great gift for the entire family. 

Moreover, travelling around the world with your extended family, including parents, children and grandchildren can provide even more enriching shared experiences. While multi-generational travel is not without its challenges, families can forge closer bonds of togetherness in faraway places.

One wonderful destination for a family holiday is Siem Reap, the cultural capital of Cambodia and the gateway to the temples of Angkor. With a wide range of activities and attractions on offer, from outdoor adventures to cultural discoveries, Siem Reap offers the chance for everybody to try at least one new activity and discover passions they never knew they had.

The destination experts at ASIA DMC will help families tailor their multi-generational trip to keep everybody happy and active, creating life-long memories amidst the landscapes and legends of Angkor. Guests of all ages will gain insights into authentic local life as they travel through the lush green jungles in a traditional tuk tuk, discover the charming streets of Siem Reap, or get a taste of Khmer culture with serene spa treatments, cooking classes and dining experiences.

For those seeking adventure, there also are a number of exhilarating options to explore the local area by bicycle, Vespa, jeep or even on horseback. The ancient kingdom can be viewed from above with a chartered helicopter ride, while the mysteries of flooded forests and bird sanctuaries can be explored by boat.

When the pace of life slows, communication improves and exciting experiences occur, lasting family memories can be made.

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