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Sunset Cruise in Angkor Thom

Join us for another off-the-beaten-track experience on the waterways of the ancient Khmer capital city, Angkor Thom, where history, nature and culture come alive.

Sunset cruise at Angkor Thom

Built 100 years after Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom is known as the last capital of the Angkor empire. It is surrounded by 3-meter long stone walls on each side. Discover the natural wonders and hidden treasures of this historical site along the great wall of Angkor Thom whilst admiring the gorgeous sunset on a traditional Kongkear gondola. 

 Propelling along the tranquil water of Angkor Thom on a Kongkear boat

 Propelling along the tranquil water of Angkor Thom on a Kongkear boat

Besides sightseeing, travelers will experience a magical atmosphere during their sunset journey through one of Cambodia’s crowning glories. Imagine propelling along the tranquil water of the moat that surrounds Angkor Thom, without any engine noise to disturb the moment. The sight of the sunset’s bright colors illuminating the surrounding nature and majestic temples of the Angkor Archaeological Park will be an unforgettable memory of guests when they look back on their journey in the Kingdom of Wonder.

If blending temple visits with romantic gondola cruises sounds interesting, please contact us for more information on how to add a bit of Cambodian fragrance to your tailor-made itineraries. 

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