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Morning Meanders into Local Life

Gain insight into the peaceful religion of Buddhism while taking part in a daily ritual ceremony with the locals at the UNESCO township of Luang Prabang - the “Tak Bat”.

Start your day with an early departure at 4:45 am from your hotel with a tuk-tuk drive to the boat pier. Cruise across the Mekong River under the spectacular dawn sky to reach Ban Xieng Mene, for an authentic and exclusive experience as you join hands with a local family in preparing the alms for the monks.

Here you can enjoy the quietness of the early morning while waiting for the monks from the local pagodas to arrive. Practice the alms giving ceremony with the locals and receive blessings from the chanting monks. 

Luang Prabang Monks

Continue this morning’s walk through lush green gardens, where you can enjoy listening to birds singing and appreciate the pureness of a Laos morning as you stroll to Wat Long Khoun. Get your heart pumping as you climb up 123 steps to Wat Chomphet, where you will be rewarded with stunning scenic views of Phousi Mountain. Follow the flow of the river by boat to visit the Morning Market, where you will see diverse and unusual offerings. Join the locals for a bowl of delicious noodle soup before returning to your hotel.

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