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Namkat Yorlapa Resort

Newly opened to tourists in April 2016, Namkat Yorlapa Resort is a perfect combination of natural beauty, traditional Laotian architecture, and modern comfort located in a 6000 hector area of rainforests and mountains.

Thanks to the passion in ecotourism and Lao culture of the owner, Nam Kat Yorla Pa contributes to the improvement of the well-being of local Khmu villagers who have been living on this land for a long time.

This is an ideal place for those who are looking for some leisure days in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the pure atmosphere of serene surroundings. For travellers who love outdoor activities, there is an abundance of pursuits to join in on, such as easy to moderate hiking, trekking to the rural villages of Khmu people or stunning waterfalls, cycling, and zip-lining, just to name a few.

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