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Overnight in "The Nest"

The Nest, a group of cosy spherical baskets hanging from the trees, is a unique accommodation in Nam Et Phou Louey, the largest national park in Laos covering an area of 4,229 square km.

Join the adventure on the trail through upland rice fields and mixed deciduous forests of the park while also enjoying the wildlife and learning about native Lao habitats with well-trained local guides.

Sleeping in the nest, watching birds from an observation platform in the early morning, spotting wild animal like deer and civets at night, and listening to Khmu folktales and stories about dragons, wildlife and ghosts are amongst some of the unforgettable experiences that The Nest can offer.

Besides, the trip is not only about your experience but also its influence on the sustainable development of the rural Lao communities, as most of the tour cost contributes to the income of the villagers as well as preserving this unique forest biodiversity with many endangered species.

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