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A Mindfulness Retreat in Myanmar

Erase stress and breathe in fresh air amongst picturesque surroundings while immersed in the rich cultures of the Shan State, Myanmar with Brian and Shannon - Co-Founders of Mindfulness Journeys.

This 10-day meditation, yoga and sound healing journey provides an enchanting experience for guests looking to touch base with one’s self and spiritual side while soaking up the rural surroundings with a range of activities such as trekking, day excursions and encounters with local people on top of daily wellness practices.

Our trip starts with an excursion into the hills and across the Shan Plateau, through the mountain rice fields to visit the magnificent Pindaya Caves. Here, thousands of Buddha images in different shapes and sizes are on display in the various cave chambers. From Pindaya, guests will transfer to Kalaw Lodge, an ideal location to blend-in with nature, relax in natural surroundings, and where you will enjoy the practices of daily yoga, meditation, sound healing and wellness. 

Blend in with natural surroundings of Kalaw Lodge

Another two-day leisurely trek through exquisite rice fields and tea plantations will take travellers to the majestic, world-renowned Inle Lake to explore the awe-inspiring life of floating homes and gardens, and markets that rotate daily from village to village. Guests will have the chance to interact with local ethnic groups with a selection of experiences designed to benefit local communities such as the Pa Oo Ethnic Group, the Da Nu Tribe and the Pa Oo Tribe... Learn about local weaving practices, enjoy a home-cooked meal at a local house, spend a night at the picturesque village before travelling back to the Pristine Lotus Spa and Resort to continue your mindfulness practice at the lake. Nurture your mind, body and soul amongst shimmering Inle Lake and its surrounding mountain ranges. 

The Pristine Lotus Spa Resort

This is a standalone special group departure with numbers strictly limited starting from Yangon by 4 -13 March 2019.

To book, contact our destination experts for availability or tailor-made your own retreat in these magnificent lands of Myanmar.