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Taste of Myanmar - Vegan Food & Culture Discovery

One of the best ways to gain insights into the culture of a country is to take a journey of taste through its gastronomy. With Myanmar opening its doors to the world, visitors can now discover a cuisine that’s been hidden from sight.

Laphet Thoke - Best Burmese Food 

Burma takes culinary influences from each of its neighbours from South and Southeast Asia, along with smaller local tribal groups like the Shan, Mon and other. With a repertoire of ingredients not found in any other cuisine, there’s much to discover.

Join us as we experience the diverse flavours of Myanmar, while sampling foods from different ethnic groups around the country. From Yangon to Bagan, Mandalay to Inle Lake, there are many local villages that still remain untouched by the modern world. Here, travellers can breathe in the air of authentic Burma life, while exploring historical sites, and learning more about the history and cultural significance of the country. 

During this tour, guests will have the opportunity to not only taste the country’s local dishes but also join the locals as they buy fresh ingredients from busy markets. Then, under the guidance of a local chef who uses traditional techniques and family recipes, guests will learn how to cook a typical Myanmar meal whilst discovering the role of food in the local culture before partaking in daily religious rituals.

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