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Meet the farmers in Phrae

Red Brick Homestay is an ecological, community- based Thai-Dutch homestay in Ampher Song, at the end of the valley of Phrae in Northern Thailand. 

The higher altitude, hilly landscape and abundance of trees make this place a year-round pleasant destination as it is cooler than other typical destinations in Thailand.

This 3 day homestay tour is perfect for those who love nature or need some serious rest and relaxation. There are many activities to choose from during the day, such as visiting local morning markets, chatting with local people from the village, hiking to nearby waterfalls, taking part in a traditional Bai Sri ceremony, watching local handicraft makers like blacksmiths and cigar rollers, and giving alms to local monks. Sleeping can either occur in the family’s teak wooden mansion or in one of the site’s available tents underneath the tamarind trees, depending entirely on what you prefer.

A highlight for many of the trip is having lunch prepared by the local primary school on your second day, after visiting Ban Nun village. While the children prepare lunch, you can even exchange English conversation with them.

This tour is a great way to give back to local communities and help promote sustainable and ecofriendly tourism while creating unforgettable moments.