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Walking tour in Bangkok

This tour takes you to explore some hidden gems of Bangkok that tourists rarely see. 


In the Thonburi district of Bangkok, you will see the “Kudi Jeen” community to witness the unity in diversity as the community here adheres to different religious practices but still lives together in peace and harmony within the Thai culture for the past 250 years.

This day tour starts in the morning near Yodpiman Pier, where a local ferry brings you across the Chao Phraya River to the first stop of Kanlayanamitr Temple, a temple built during the period of King Rama III in 1837. This temple is memorable for the giant Buddha which sits within. Afterwards, the tour continues onwards to visit the oldest church in Bangkok, the Santa Cruz church, completed on 14th September, 1769.

Your tour guide will explain why this church is so interesting, focusing on how it came to exist and why it is now called “Kudi Jeen” or “the Chinese church” by locals now.  A short walk away stands Ton Son Mosque and Wat Arun, both constructed in the late 18th century and a testament to diversity and harmony that exists daily in Bangkok.