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Holiday Cruise for Solo-Travellers: Travel to Connect

Solo travellers seeking a magical and memorable South East Asian experience this holiday season can enjoy a scenic river cruise on the Aqua Mekong with ASIA DMC.

Solo cruising offers the opportunity for travellers to enjoy life on their own terms, reconnecting with themselves and their environment on an entirely different level than when they travel with a friend, spouse or family members. 

<img src="Aqua_Mekong_Exterior_View_-_High_Resolution.jpg" alt="The Aqua Mekong" width="943" height="618">

The Aqua Mekong

Aqua Expeditions and ASIA DMC also understand that many solo travellers like nothing better than getting to know new people, and bonding with fellow travellers who share similar interests and outlooks on life. Being part of a new group of friends, especially in a closed environment like a river cruise, can forge lasting bonds between people. 

With a small-ship capacity of only 32-40 passengers on each sailing, solo travellers can easily mingle with their fellow guests, especially during meals and excursions, including cycling, hiking, fishing, swimming, and kayaking trips. Back on-board, guests can take advantage of a series of amenities and activities such as spa treatments, cooking classes, evening entertainment programs and a lively bar scene. 

The Aqua Mekong - Public area

Aqua Expeditions now offers single cabins and reduced single supplements, so solo travellers can enjoy their chosen cruise without any hidden costs. 

Contact our experts to add this luxurious and relaxing segment to your active adventure for solo-travellers.

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