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Community Based Tourism in Tu Ne

Located in the Tu Ne commune within Tan Lac district in the Hoa Binh province of Vietnam, the Tu Ne Community -Based Tourism Project (CPTP) has developed an environmental and cultural tourism group focusing on the traditions of local Hmong people.

Starting at the end of 2011, Tu Ne CBTP is one of ASIA DMC’s sustainable tourism development projects which contribute to the local communities and environment. The project strictly follows sustainable and community-based tourism concepts which are eco-friendly and operated exclusively by locals and indigenous peoples. Within the frame of the program, the basic tourism infrastructures have been established, facilities & amenities for homestays and travel groups were supplied, and the locals have been trained in hospitality and service. In turn, the community has welcome hundreds of travelers while increasing their chances for global exchange through meeting others from different cultures and  improving their income over the past few years.

By supporting community-based, grass roots tourism travellers can immerse themselves in the daily lives of locals and indigenous peoples while helping them to preserve their environment and cultural heritage. Tu Ne possesses a beautiful landscape of peaceful countryside with lush fields of rice and sugarcane surrounded by limestone mountains.  The region is also home to a large number of Hmong ethnic minority groups. Tu Ne also can provide a wide array of activities which all are environmentally friendly and culturally responsible.

ASIA DMC’s “Sustainable Experiences – Tu Ne Community Based Eco Tourism” offers various options to visit Tu Ne, including the choice of day trips, 2 or 3 days packages, and tailor-made community involvement programs.

Please join us and together we can develop social responsibility and an increased sense of belonging to the local community.


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