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Sunrise Stand-up Paddle in Hoi An

Join in for a memorable journey on the serene waters of Hoi An to savour the ever changing colours of the water and the sky and explore local river culture on our sunrise stand up paddle adventure - a unique and unforgettable experience.

Sunrise Stand-up Paddle in Hoi An

 Catch the first sunlight on Cua Dai Estuary

After a brief orientation, the stand-up paddle adventure starts at dawn from the local pier to Cua Dai Estuary to catch the first sunlight and admire the amazing view of the sun as it gradually peaks over the horizon. Propelling along the ocean's gentle current in the profound still of the morning, enjoy the view of the sunrise illuminating the wide colours of nature, changing minute by minute. As the sun sails higher into the morning sky, adventurers will take a short paddle to the local fish market then break at a riverfront café nearby for a local breakfast. 

Enjoy local breakfast at a riverfront café in Hoi An

Enjoy local breakfast at a riverfront café

Before returning back, the paddle boarding continues onto a coco-palm island where Nipa palms offer an alluring Mekong-like feeling. Explore the unique mangrove ecosystem to breath tropical fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the lively sound of the birds before returning back to Hoi An.

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