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The secret of Water Puppetry

Dive with us into the fantasy world of water puppetry. This art originated from the Red River Delta and has developed throughout the ages. 

What many people see as a simple 1-hour representation is actually one of the richest and most iconic art forms in Vietnam.

Today, we have pulled some strings to open the doors behind the scenes for you to have a sneak peak into the traditions of this art form. In the morning, we travel to one of the villages where everything started. A place where water puppetry is deeply rooted and where locals have been preserving this traditional art form for many generations.

Meet the artisans who make the puppets out of wood, as well as the puppeteers who give them life. Attend a private show and enjoy lunch with the troupe. In the afternoon, we meet the artist who is revolutionising water puppetry with new stories, new puppets, and new approaches to keep old traditions while still appealing to a modern audience.

Contact our experts to add this authentic local experience to your itinerary!

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