Festival of Ghosts

Thailand, as well as other Southeast Asian countries, are famous for a history steeped in scary superstitions about ghosts and ghouls. You can find spirit houses in every yard, incognito nicknames from birth and the parading ghosts of the Phi Ta Khon ‘Festival of Ghosts’. 

Thai people believe that it can help them avoid ethereal encounters.

Held in Dan Sai district, Phi Ta Khon is the most popular festival in Loei province in the Northeast of Thailand and lasts for three days. The most recognized feature of the Phi Ta Khon, or Ghost festival, is the colorful parade of locals who dance and strike poses while wearing huge masks creatively made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with wicker sticky-rice steamers that make them appear taller and more grotesque. Thai people believed that it can help them avoid ethereal encounters.

As well as the unique masked parade through the town, there are other activities to enjoy, including the Phi Ta Khon mask contest, a Junior Phi Ta Khon contest, a recitation of the thirteen sermons of Phra Vessandorn about a previous life of the Lord Buddha, and exhibition booths from public and private sectors. There is also a fun food festival and booths selling local products.

This is a unique celebration of the province and the colorful processions and masked villagers ensure that every year, a large number of visitors come to the little village to enjoy the fun. 

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