Flying high

Vietnam’s Tam Thanh commune welcomes art for the sky.

Kites have long held a treasured place in Asian culture. The International Kite Festival took place in Quang Nam province’s Tam Thanh commune 5 – 10 June 2017. More than 100 craftsmen from different countries and territories, including Canada, the US, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Vietnam, brought handmade kites to show off the traditional craft.

Participants also demonstrated kite-making skills, kite decoration and kite flying. Throughout the festival, several folk games, sporting events and beach games were also held on Tam Thanh’s pristine 8-kilometre-long sandy beach. In addition to the spectacle of kites, the commune and nearby Tam Ky City also hosted an exhibition on the seas and islands of Vietnam, traditional folk performances of central Vietnam, and a demonstration of the country’s UNESCO-recognised intangible heritages.

Tam Thanh commune is known for celebrating the arts and was the first locale in Vietnam to have colourful murals painted on its moss-covered walls by foreign artists. The murals now attract 500 tourists each day.

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