Get Close to the Smiling Face of the Mekong—The Irrawaddy Dolphins

Having the opportunity to observe Irrawaddy dolphins and other wildlife in their natural environment is a thrilling and unforgettable experience offered to guests of ASIA DMC in Laos and Cambodia. 

The Irrawaddy Dolphins

The Irrawaddy dolphins are instantly recognized by their trademark curved mouth which led to the animal’s nickname, the “smiling face of the Mekong.” They travel in groups of no more than 10 and solitary dolphins are rarely seen. Unfortunately, populations of this rare species are shrinking due to dangerous fishing practices such as the use of explosives to catch a large quantity of fish, and habitat degradation from the development of dams, deforestation and mining, putting the future of Irrawaddy dolphins at great risk.

In addition to providing travelers chances to see the dolphins in their natural environment, ASIA DMC’s dolphin-watch ecotourism program also raises community and visitor awareness of the status of the dolphins as well as the importance of conservation. The dolphin-watch ecotourism program also encourage the effective management of local industries to minimize threats to the wildlife and the importance of adopting sustainable fishing practices. By promoting the sharing of tourism revenue to the local community, the preservation needs of dolphins will be balanced with helping the fishermen to achieve more productive and sustainable livelihoods.

Join us for an unparalleled experience on the Mekong river with it’s symbolic animal, the Irrawaddy dolphin. 

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