Join a Cruise on the Irrawaddy

Myanmar is fast becoming one of Asia's most popular river cruise destinations, with international visitors flocking to the country. A cruise through the Irrawaddy is a journey whose scenery includes dense jungle-clad riverbanks, grand gorges, endless rice paddies and snapshots of rural life being played out along the riverbank – a perfect way to experience the boundless beauty of Myanmar.

<img src="Cruise-on-the-Irrawaddy.jpg" alt="The Irrawaddy">

The Irrawaddy River has shaped Myanmar's history; it's the country's economic lifeblood and inseparable from Burmese spiritual life. The river follows a route between Mandalay, the country’s second largest city and Bagan, famous for its temple-strewn plains. Mandalay, an important Buddhist spiritual centre, is home to thousands of monks and has more than 2,500 images of Buddha while the ancient capital of Bagan, now a World Heritage site, contains around 3,000 pagodas, temples and Buddhas.

Join us for a sensational journey discovering the rural world of Myanmar whilst cruising down the Irrawaddy in the way that suits you most.

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