Kampot River Residence in Cambodia

The Kampot River Residence is a striking new addition to the Kampot accommodation scene in southern Cambodia.

Located about 2km North of town on the Kompong Bay River, it is a collection of impressive traditional Khmer houses set around lush landscaped gardens and rice fields. Bokor National Park is visible across the river with dramatic sunsets over the old hill station.

This is a small, affordable boutique resort that puts Kampot on the map as an idyllic escape. Where previously visitors have stayed in the boutique hotels of Kep and made a side trip to Kampot, it is now possible to do the reverse and stay in Kampot River Residence as a base and make a side trip to Kep and Rabbit Island.

With the combination of cave pagodas, river-based activities, Bokor National Park and the attractions of Kep, it is easy to spend three nights here and it lies less than two hours from Sihanoukville Airport. Combine two nights here with two nights in a luxurious Kep resort or two nights (or more) in a beach resort on the offshore islands of Sihanoukville.

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