My Village Show

Làng Tôi (My Village), is a new Vietnam cirque spectacle interprets the daily life of a traditional village through a mixture of acrobatics, juggling and folk music, is now performed regularly at the 106 year-old Hanoi Opera House. The show will give you insight into the beauty of Northern Vietnam's village life.

Created by a group of four artists; Tuan Le, Nguyen Lan, Nhat Ly and Tan Loc (also known as the creators of the Ah Oh Show). My Village has toured extensively with over 300 shows in France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Germany, and Hong Kong before returning home.

The show is a delicate fusion of traditional values and innovative art, where the poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life is illustrated through a new cirque approach using iconic bamboo, breathtaking cirque, acrobatics and rhythmic dance whilst using more than twenty different exotic folk instruments during the performance. Bamboo, an ancestral material, is not only used as a performance tool, it becomes the soul of the play as a subject and character.  

Bamboo-the soul of the play as a subject and character

Bamboo becomes the soul of the play as a subject and character

The scenery, created from bamboo, is constantly changing on the stage. From dawn to noon, bamboo participates in the story as a character of traditional Vietnamese lives. It is a friend, a tool to earn a living. Dozens of bamboo of all sizes are used to build and rebuild superb, moving structures: huts, nests, stilt houses, rafts, suspension bridges and lots more.


The scenery, created from bamboo is constantly changing on stage

The show will take the audience on an intriguing journey back in time to the rustic yet charming Northern Vietnam's village life, soaked with mesmerizing sounds, enchanting moments, dynamic acrobatics and the artistry of imagination. Join us and have your own experience.



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