New Experience: Heaven of photography and water sports in Nusa Penida

ASIA DMC created a private full day tour in Nusa Penida Island, a miniature paradise on the east coast of Bali. After reaching this jewel by speedboat, enjoy land tour and water sports in a none-touristic spot.

Start your exploration with the marvelous beaches that nature has gifted to this Island, which are what made Nusa Penida popular.

“Kelingking” literally means “Pinkie” as a pinky promise to visit this piece of paradise. It’s often referred to as T-Rex Beach because of the limestone rock formation which looks like the head of a T-rex dinosaur. The majority of tourists when visiting this place will take pictures with the symbol of Bali.


The natural infinity pool where the waves crash in from the ocean is called Angel’s Billabong. The water of this beach is so clean that you can see the entire school of fish swimming underneath. This name is given based on the story when an angel once came to bathe for the grandeur of this beach. 

Angel’s Billabong

Far to the east of Nusa Penida, there is a stunning white beach, silky blue water, limestones in diamond shape, and palm trees which creates a dream destination. Though Diamond Beach is not made for swimming, it has breathtaking landscapes. One of the locations to have the best photo is from the top of the cliff.

Water Sports

Travel would be incomplete without the experience of water sports. At the private beach club enjoy several activities regarding your traveling style: 

·       Between friends or families: enjoy snorkeling, banana boat or donut ring pulled by a speed boat.

·       With your loved ones: enjoy the wonders of the sea by foot with a sea walker experience. 

·       For the sea lovers: enjoy diving with the best PADI masters of the island 

·       And for sensations: jet ski and parasailing will be the best way to enjoy the view on pristine waters

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