New sea sports complex opens in Nha Trang Bay

Fans of exciting watersports now have a new destination to add to their bucket list thanks to a newly opened entertainment and sea sports complex on Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang Bay. 

While at the park, visitors can rent the Seabreacher submersible watercraft – the first of its kind in Vietnam – a two-seat vessel that can travel at 33 kilometres per hour at a depth of 1.5 metres, another innovative new attraction is the Flyboard, a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. As water is forced down under pressure from the board, riders can be lifted ten metres up in the air. Visitors can also walk on the seabed in the Seawalker dive experience by wearing a special helmet. Other sports offered at the complex include tandem paragliding, jet skiing and kayaking.

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