29th June 2018
At ASIA DMC we work closely and tirelessly with our partner airlines, hotels and local operators to provide the best level of service and stay up-to-date with all travel news and current situations in the regions which we operate. Subscribe and stay updated on what's happening throughout...
28th March 2018
One of the best ways to discover the culture of a country is to sample its cuisine. In Southeast Asia, this often means taking your taste buds on an exciting tour of exotic flavours, from aromatic herbs to serious spices. In this month’s newsletter, ASIA DMC will take you...
25th February 2018
Lunar New Year is an important annual occasion celebrated in countries all across Southeast Asia, with celebrations experienced throughout many of the region’s towns and cities. ASIA DMC’s work is continued throughout the holidays, as we introduced our guests to many...
25th January 2018
2017 - the International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development has come to an end. However, the role of tourism in the sustainable development did not vanish, the achievement in 2017 will be a profound entail for many initiatives to be developed and promoted in the future.
21st December 2017
For a festive season with a difference, nothing can beat a holiday getaway to South East Asia. Situated between China to the north and India to the west, South East Asia is a beautiful part of the world with a rich history and unique traditions passed down through generations. 
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