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Hanoi for Art Lovers

Hanoi’s old-world sophistication and charm is quickly gaining popularity in the art world.

This ASIA DMC's tour will give you an introduction to the development of fine arts in Vietnam before going more in depth into a very special traditional painting form in Vietnam.

The National Museum of Vietnam Fine Arts is Vietnam's primary art museum that occupies the most important position in maintaining and promoting the treasures of Vietnamese cultural and artistic heritage. Visitors can appreciate and understand the entire history of Vietnamese fine arts through the collections and exhibitions on display. Lacquer painting, a specific type of traditional art in Vietnam, was revived and developed as a distinct genre of fine art painting by Vietnamese artists in the 1930s.

Depending on the technique used and the number of layers of lacquer, it can sometimes take up to several months to complete a single painting. Under guidance of an artist, you'll learn the 3 steps process of creating a lacquer painting and try your hand at some of the techniques, such as adding materials like seashell, mother of pearl, eggshell, gold leaf or silver dust to your artwork.

Let ASIA DMC take you into the fabulous world of Vietnamese fine arts.



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