Panhou Retreat, a place where nature meets legend

More than a hidden gem, Panhou Retreat is a place where nature meets legend. A place is located in Ha Giang, Vietnam that offers you pure nature, vibrant culture, and services that come from the heart.

As you step into our cozy welcome lounge at Panhou Retreat, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and an inviting atmosphere: Relax, unwind.

Panhou Retreat believes that the freshness and comfort in the resort space as well as many relaxing activities or delicious food served daily will contribute to your wonderful experience, gain better health after the hard work.


The herbal bath is a unique experience that follows a secret recipe passed down for generations by the Red Dzao people. Panhou’s herbalist selects only the best organic herbs from the garden, ensuring they are of the highest quality.

At Húng Khau cooking class, Panhou doesn't just teach cooking. It takes you on a 4-hour journey to learn about the empowering idea that “hard times make us smarter”. You will discover how local people have overcome their difficulties in the past, and realize that you too can achieve anything you set your mind to.

More than just a good night’s sleep, Panhou offers you peace in the mind.

From wooden furniture to stone walkways, you are set to connect to nature. The retreat is surrounded by lush greenery, inviting you to begin your journey toward inner peace. With 25 rooms and 01 villa, you can choose among four categories of accommodation that suit you best.


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