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Mission Statement

ASIA DMC is committed to operating a business model that is recognized to be socially and environmentally responsible.

“As our business continues to grow we are determined to reduce the impact from our operations and increase the benefit to the communities we visit” 

As our business continues to grow we are determined to reduce the impact from our operations and increase the benefit to the communities we visit” 

Environmental Statement
ASIA DMC recognises its responsibility to ensure that good environmental management practices are in place in all its offices.
Animal Welfare Statement
As a leading Destination Management Company in South East Asia we believe we have to set a standard for Responsible & Sustainable travel.
Child Exploitation Statement
ASIA DMC, without fail, endeavours to make a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every child to stay safe.

This forms a fundamental part of our vision to have an integrated and sustainable business model. ASIA DMC aims to continue improving its environmental performance by:

- Complying with all environmental legislation.

- Carrying out assessments of the environmental effects of all business operations.

- Raising employee’s awareness through training and actively encouraging their participation in our environmental programs.

- Actively promoting recycling internally to our staff

- Conserving natural resources through increased energy efficiency and better water management.

- Making our Environmental Policy publicly available to interested parties.

- Continually seeking to improve environmental performance.

- Monitoring progress and review performance annually.

Delivering our operational plans within this policy will enable ASIA DMC to develop sustainable practices and deliver meaningful contributions to the quality of our environment.

We aim to carry out a full review of all the animal sanctuaries we associate with in line with our objectives, which are to avoid promoting any kind of unacceptable practices involving ‘animal tourism’. In line with our commitment to Environmental Protection we have adopted the Five Freedoms Framework that pertains to the welfare of animals under human control. This will form the basis of the audits we will carry out to vet our association.

Five Freedoms Framework:

1. Good Feeding: Absence of hunger or thirst

2. Good Housing: Comfort whilst resting, thermal comfort and ease of movement

3. Good Health: Absence of injuries, disease and pain caused by inappropriate management

4. Appropriate Behavior: A Positive emotional state through the expression of social and natural behaviors, indicating good human-animal relationships

5. Protection from Fear and Distress: Absence of physical modifications and general fear with an ability to seek refuge

ASIA DMC does not participate in or promote any wildlife experiences that are deemed to be ‘unnatural’ interactions such as; elephant riding, tiger petting or swimming with dolphins.

This statement seeks to reaffirm that ASIA DMC understands it responsibility in regards to the promotion of non-exploitative practices that involve children. The statement establishes a framework clarifying the organizations minimum expectations; internally from our teams and externally from our suppliers.


A child is under the age of 18 (as defined in the United Nations convention on the Rights of a Child). We aim to safeguard the protection of children through our teams, suppliers and guests by adopting a zero tolerance policy towards abusive practices.

Harm can be caused by those whom inflict it or by those that fail to prevent it and are not restricted by any socio-economic group, gender or culture.

It can take a number of forms, including the following:

- Physical abuse
- Sexual abuse
- Emotional abuse
- Bullying
- Neglect
- Financial (or material) abuse


We expect all staff to promote good practice by being an excellent role model, contribute to discussions about safeguarding and to positively involve people in developing safe practices.

Any concerns should be reported straight away using the line managers reporting procedure.