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ASIA DMC operates on a fully sustainable business model and is proud to support a number of environmental projects as we believe we have a collective responsibility to conserve our resources and natural environment for future generations.

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project
HalongBay Cleanup Event
Alliance Action for a Green Halong

An initiative we are proud to support is the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project, which leads the vital effort to protect this critically endangered primate.

The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) was launched in November 2000 with the main objective of halting the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus Poliocephalus). The Langur is a leaf eating monkey that is endemic to Cat Ba Island situated in Ha Long Bay, Northern Vietnam. Under the stewardship of Mr. Neahga Leonard (Project Manager), the team focuses on Species and Habitat Protection, Population Monitoring, Law Enforcement, Research and Environmental Education. 

“The future of the planet's natural resources relies on people and corporations acting in a responsible and sustainable manner.  The private sector is one of the most important players in the conservation arena, as it is the private sector that has the leverage to direct the future of a region and the species that reside there. In the Ha Long/Lan Ha Bay region the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project works locally to save the Cat Ba Langur, the most endangered primate in Vietnam and one of the most imperiled species in the world, from extinction. This work incorporates research, biodiversity monitoring, schoolroom environmental education, capacity building for Cat Ba National Park and Forest Protection Department staff, anti-poaching work, and environmental education services to local businesses. The latter provides a connection point between the private sector and the NGO/non-profit world, benefiting both by raising awareness of dire environmental issues and methods to resolve them and by highlighting those private sector institutions that have a long-term, environmentally responsible perspective.

Tourism is an industry especially sensitive to these issues and ASIA DMC has been working to improve their environmental responsibility and set new standards for sustainable and responsible tourism.  The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project welcomes the support of ASIA DMC’ Neahga Leonard – Project Leader

We believe we have a collective duty not to let this beautiful and very vulnerable species become extinct. As of early 2017 less than 60 individuals remain, up from the 2003 low of 40 individuals, but a substantial drop from the 64 – 70 individuals counted in 2015. 

You could help save the Langur - please follow the link below for donation advice:

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We actively support the protection of the Halong Bay eco system through our sister company, Bhaya Group. Under the banner of their Halong Green Initiative program they instituted large cleanup events in the bay, which seeks to align all stakeholders with the sole purpose of environmental preservation. These events have been widely lauded and have gained significant momentum with the participation of institutional partners like IUCN, USAID, Local NGO’s and Government Representation. 

One of the key achievements has been contributing to the banning of the use of polystyrene, which is a cacogenic substance that has the potential to cause cancer. The importance of initiatives like these cannot be underestimated and neither can the role of the business sector to keep highlighting issues that affect the environment and livelihood of local communities. We are proud to participate and support initiatives like these and contributing our voice and resources where appropriate. 

During the last two cleanup events we removed circa 1 399 kg’s of garbage that would otherwise still be floating around, polluting our seas. This is a huge achievement when one considers that man-made items like plastic and polystyrene never really integrate or break down. We are therefore incredibly proud of Bhaya Group and our collective team’s achievements.