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To coincide with the launch of our new website and the rebranding of HG Travel to ASIA DMC we decided it was time to become even GREENER. Although we have always prided ourselves on running a lean and efficient operation we now want to create an intercompany dialogue through which all of our team members can participate.

In order to ‘jump start’ the conversation we are putting 183 team members of all levels, representing no less than five different businesses, through an awareness program. In the process we set ourselves some tough targets.

We aim to reduce our Carbon Footprint in the following ways:

- Water < 10%

- Electricity < 10%

- Paper < 10%

- We aim to introduce more environmentally friendly products into our administration and cleaning of our offices.

- Recycle by 100%

- Promoting bike share and the use of bicycles to work.

- Carbon offsetting with the eventual goal to become carbon neutral

Each office in our building, of which there are 19, has a GREENoffice coordinator that helps to keep our GREENspirit alive daily. We meet regularly to brainstorm ideas on how we can become more eco-friendly, not just in our professional lives but also our personal. One suggestion we are really looking forward to implement is a small carbon offset program that will aim to mitigate the carbon from our team member’s resultant journeys to work.

We will publish quarterly updates and look forward to sharing our results and best practice.