Rosewood Luang Prabang - One of The Most Heavenly of Hideaways

Hidden in the lush green jungle that surrounds the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, with Buddhist temples and a river – emanating from a flowing waterfall – runs through the heart of this exotic retreat, the Rosewood Luang Prabang is one of the most heavenly of hideaways. It offers romantic accommodations, a luxurious spa, exciting dining and experiences plentifully.

Designed by world-renowned designer Bill Bensley and his eponymous studio, Rosewood Luang Prabang captures the romantic history, culture and spirit of a bygone Indochina era within a lush Laotian setting. Guests staying at the property will have the experience of an expatriate host from a century ago, with every room, suite, villa or luxury tent reflecting the unique personality and the romanticism of a golden age of travel and adventure.

The transition between indoor and outdoor living is an important consideration for all accommodations.  Luxury tented villas have been built on stilts, a deliberate move to preserve the forest floor’s unique flora and fauna and open the rooms to treetop breezes. All rooms are bordered by a stream or riverbank and each has a unique configuration and design, to cater for individual preferences.

A lush garden was conceived to complement the surrounding natural greenery. This organic garden, which supplies fruits, vegetables and herbs for the restaurant and bar, is an extension of Luang Prabang’s hilly landscape and forager-tribe culture. In addition to the garden of edible produce, there is a botanical garden conceived by Bill Bensley for guests to discover the species and blooms that have always fascinated travellers.

Dining at Rosewood Luang Prabang delves deep into the rich Laotian food culture, and chefs place the utmost importance on locally sourced and seasonal foods. The Great House offers indoor seating and an open-air terrace with large daybeds and sofas overlooking the lush gardens and waterfall.  Here guests can experience Laotian farm-to-table dining, authentic local specialties and dishes influenced by the cuisine of historic royal courts.

The brand’s signature ‘Sense, A Rosewood Spa’ with three individual tented treatment villas overlooking the river will ensure guests full relaxation in this tranquil setting. A combination of time-honoured natural Laotian healing remedies as well as Western techniques is available to support a healthy lifestyle.

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