Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport will officially be launched in Oct 2023

Cambodia's State Secretariat of Civil Aviation spokesman Sin Chancery Vutha confirmed New Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport will be operational on 16-Oct-2023.

Mr Chanserey Vutha added: "This large airport will allow direct flights from many countries to Siem Reap, and it is expected to boost Cambodia's economy, especially through growth in tourism".

New Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (SAI) is a proposed airport development to replace the existing Siem Reap Airport. A site 50km away from the existing facility has been designated by the government, which seeks to protect a World Heritage Site that includes Angkor Wat.

The SAI airport is located in Tayek commune, Soutr Nikom district around 51 kilometers from the capital of Siem Reap province and 40 kilometers from the Temple of Angkor Wat and reportedly be able to receive about seven million passengers per year initially, 10 million by 2030, and 20 million by 2050. Similarly, annual cargo capacity is also expected to rise from 10,000 tonnes initially to 60,000 tonnes by 2050.

The new airport can receive huge aircraft from the United States and Europe, facilitating direct flights for international tourists visiting the Kingdom of Wonder. It is also said that the airport will help Cambodia to become ‘A Standalone Destination’ as travelers to the Kingdom will no longer need connection flights from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

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