The Future Ahead

Commenting on the recent accolade, CEO and co-founder at Asia DMC Tran Thanh Nam shares what’s coming up for the brand and how winning at the World Travel Awards™ will bolster the company’s reputation throughout the region.

Q: What are your thoughts on being voted as best Destination Management Company in Asia at the World Travel Awards™?

A: It’s a great honour to receive such a prestigious award from an internationally recognised committee; I want to thank everyone that voted for ASIA DMC, as well as the hard-working staff who have made the past year such a success.

We have been making major moves as a destination management company expanding both within Asia and abroad, as well as offering unique products that have not only been built with the expertise of locals, but promote a new wave of sustainable, socially aware tourism practices. For us, the award was proof that our renewed product philosophy is being recognised and we continue to be incredibly proud of the services we deliver.

Q: What does ASIA DMC have in store to retain the title next year?

A: We have big plans in store for next year but our primary focus will be doubling down on what has made the past year such a success – namely offering tailor made, customer-focused experiences at affordable rates. We will continue to build our journeys around the insights of local experts and collaborate with communities to deliver authentic, unforgettable trips.

We will also strengthen our stance on sustainable tourism. South East Asia has seen much damage at the hands of the tourism industry and we believe that in the upcoming year tour operators who take a stand against damaging, outdated practices will receive well-deserved recognition.

Q: Do you think these awards will change the way ASIA DMC conducts business?

A: It is my hope that being recognised on such a global stage will only act as a motivation to achieve more and continue delivering the best product possible. We are not only exceptionally proud of this award, but we also view it as a challenge to be even better next year.

The award also gives us great confidence in our renewed product philosophy and helps us prove this success to potential partners. Internally we have been confident in our product and company focus, but with this award in our back pocket we have demonstrable evidence that this confidence was well placed.

Q: Will these awards impact the regional reputation of ASIA DMC?

A: We certainly hope so! We are already well known within Vietnam for the experiences we deliver and our responsible approach to tourism. In the next couple of months we are planning to reach out to other regions in which we operate, including Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, in the hopes that we can establish even stronger relationships within these countries. 

We are also very hopeful these awards will help establish legitimacy in the regions we are expanding into, such as Australasia, UK, US, India and Europe, that already have many established DMCs. These awards will play an important role in proving ourselves to new partners within these regions. 

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