Update On The Coronavirus Situation (30 Jan 2019)

The 2019-nCoV outbreak in Wuhan, China has had temporary impacts on the global travel industry including ASIA DMC's destinations.

As of 30 Jan 2020, the Ministry of Health reported the number of confirmed cased of nCoV infection as follows: Laos (0), Myanmar (0), Cambodia (1), Thailand (14), Vietnam (2).

All reported cases were contained and these destinations remain safe to travel. All five governments are making tremendous efforts to prevent and eradicate the coronavirus widespread. 
The situation in Vietnam

The only two nCoV-infected cases in Vietnam involved two Chinese patients who are being treated in Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. However, great news came in recently as one of them was reportedly cured from nCoV: Li Zichao, 28, received a negative result from his third test on Jan 27. Meanwhile, his father Li Ding, 66, was free from fever since Jan 25 and is under continuous treatment.

No nCoV-related deaths were recorded in Vietnam since the original outbreak. Out of a total of 97 suspected cases nationwide, 65 came out negative to nCoV while 32 people are currently quarantined. On top of that, 43 cases showing no signs of sickness are still being closely monitored under quarantine due to their contact with those suspected.

Many nations are focused on the fight against the coronavirus globally, and Vietnam is no exception. The Vietnamese government introduced strict temporary measures to prevent any potential infection within the country.

  • All flights between Vietnam and Wuhan, China were cancelled
  • Screening systems for passengers (body temperature based) were set up at all international gates
  • Hakhau (Lao Cai) and Cautreo (Vinh) international border gates were closed
  • VietJet Air arranged returning flights for all Wuhan passengers from Nha Trang back to Wuhan International Airport on Jan 27. None of them showed signs of nCoV infection.
  • All travel companies in Vietnam (especially in Da Nang and Nha Trang) stopped welcoming tourists from China
  • Quick response team dedicated to nCoV-related respiratory infections were set up following the PM’s instruction on Jan 28
  • Quarantine and treatment facilities were set up in all hospitals

ASIA DMC to take actions

As ASIA DMC headquarter in Vietnam, we take this matter very seriously as it directly concerns the health and safety of our clients. As a result, our team will be working around the clock to provide the best services and support.

  • Marketing and Communication: to keep in touch and closely follow the news to keep you posted with the most up-to-date information
  • Sales: to provide detailed consultation on our tailored itineraries for the time being (safe destinations and lesser-crowed areas)
  • Operations: to make sure that our guides and drivers are healthy and capable of conducting training for guests on preventive measures and emergency actions, we also connect with hotels and restaurants to deliver the latest destination info to guests
  • Customer care: to respond 24/7 to all your requests and concerns as always

Alongside the governments of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, we take all responsibilities and abilities to ensure a safe trip for all of our guests. So do continue to enjoy these beautiful destinations at ease.
For further information, please contact us via info@asiadmc.com or our dedicated salespersons.

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