ASIA DMC believes we have a duty to improve the lives of the communities within which we operate and to mitigate the impact of our operations.  We operate and/or support a number of social projects that intend to bring relief and upliftment in areas where it most required.

Food for people
Travel for people
Smiles for people


The program aims to prepare and distribute food to impoverished areas. In the past we have worked with organizations such as Pass your Lunch and the Eco Park Trade Fair to raise funds for the project. Our focus was not to only distribute food but to distribute happy food. With the expert help of the Tay chefs we prepared hamburgers and Vietnamese Pho for the disabled people at Quynh Hoa Centre. One of the other highlights was the ‘Happy Cooking Day’ in Ba Be where we prepared food working alongside the local communities.


With “Travel for People” we reach out and give people an opportunity to travel who otherwise would not have been able. One of our most memorable activities was working with the Hope Centre caring for orphans in Tien Cau. The children had a dream of visiting Hanoi and doing a tour of the city they hear so much about but had never been able to visit. The sheer delight on their faces whilst visiting landmarks in the capital has left a lasting impression on our teams and made us realize how fortunate we are.


Through “Smiles for People” we aim to uplift the spirits of underprivileged children, many of whom have never had the chance to watch television let alone a movie. This project had multiple highlights -  including our delight at the children’s interest whilst we assembled the equipment, and the sheer joy the children experienced when they viewed children’s movies on the big screen for the first time in their lives.