13th February 2017
With more than 10 million visitors last year, Vietnam is swiftly climbing the ranks to become one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Vietnam travel specialist Guilhem Cavaille from bespoke tour operator ASIA DMC explains what makes Vietnam so special and offers his thoughts and...
3rd February 2017
HANOI, VIETNAM – Leading regional tour operator ASIA DMC is setting its sights on accelerated growth this year with the hiring of dynamic travel professional Mr. Linh Le in the role of Group Managing Director as it charts an expansion course across the region. 
12th January 2017
The emerging Southeast Asia destination has lots to offer but how to get off the tourist trail and discover the essence and heart of the destination. We hope to provide you some guidance and answers to this key question "Why Travel To Myamnar?" through tailor travel experiences high on...
12th January 2017
Myanmar expert and ASIA DMC Myanmar Managing Director Gerben Bloemendaal shared with us about the reason why travel to Myanmar in 2017. 
16th November 2016
HG Travel, the Leading Southeast Asian Destination Management Company has rebranded into ASIA DMC as it moves forward to become one of the dominant B2B players in the region through a considered expansion plan throughout Asia.
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