Go Beyond Compensating By Putting Responsible Performance At The Heart Of Your Production

We have entered a time again where the words “sustainable travel” are on all travel pages, where tour operators across the industry are placarding the walls of their social media with their diverse initiatives such as plastic-free policies, give-back campaigns, public commitment announcements, and philanthropic tours etc. All of this is very positive and shows that awareness is rising and minds are changing.

We have already seen such waves of corporate social responsibility coming and going several times in the past 10 years, and the important thing now is to sustain the movement and its positive impact. At ASIA DMC, we believe that the very best way to sustain better practices and ensure that tourism impacts less and benefits more for both the natural and cultural environments is to put the good intentions right at the core of your production.

This is where ASIA DMC can actively support you. Designing new or revamping old tours with high responsible performance is an art we excel at. Any tour or travel style can be thought of and engineered in such a way that will limit the use of motorized transportation, maximize the benefits to the local communities, and find purpose as well as various ways to create a positive experience for both the guests and the destination alike.

For example, our team in Vietnam recently designed and organised an incentive program for participants to reconnect with nature, challenge themselves and support the local communities. This was a 3-day event that combined human-powered activities; involved a variety of services provided directly by the local community and included a carbon offset element through tree planting. This is a great illustration of how MICE is becoming more ECO! 

This approach applies to all tours. Even your cycling tours or urban adventures could see their responsible performance increased. Talk to us to help make your production your most powerful green tool and catch the attention of the ever increasing responsible travellers.

We are here to provide local expertise!