Festival of Light Illuminates Southeast Asian Countries

The festival of light, called Boun Awk Phansa (in Laos), Loy Krathong (in Thailand) and Thandingyut (in Myanmar), marks the end of Green Season and the Buddhist Lent.

The date of the festival follows the ancient lunar calendar and changes every year. In 2018, Laos and Myanmar will celebrate the festival from 23 to 25 October while it will be celebrated a month later in Thailand, from 21 to 24 November. During these days, travellers touring in Southeast Asia will have the chance to immerse in one of the most important and picturesque festivals celebrated across the region. 

Traditionally, monks decorate the temple grounds with handmade paper lanterns, lights and candles, and local families do the same outside their houses. Thousands of small individual banana leaf skiffs are dedicatedly put on the water and floated down the rivers, make a breathtaking sea of lights.

 Thousands of glowing lanterns light up the night sky

 Thousands of glowing lanterns light up the night sky in Chiang Mai

The festival of light in Thailand is also celebrated nationwide by releasing lotus-shaped baskets, decorated with candles and flowers onto the rivers. On the same day of 23 Nov, another light festival, called Yi Peng, is celebrated alongside Loy Krathong in Northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. Flocks of sky lanterns, decorated with good luck wishes and prayers are released to the sky. Thousands of glowing lanterns light up the sky just like in the Disney’s Tangled movie scenes.

Needless to say, travelers will have the splendid experience to spice up their itineraries whilst engaging in some delightful local customs that can’t be found elsewhere.

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