18th October 2019
Accordingly to the notification 1845 / PMO on 16 October 2019 which states that the nine visa service units at the international checkpoints are ordered to close soon.
19th September 2019
Located along the mighty Mekong's northern reaches, Kamu Lodge is a beautiful eco-lodge engaged in low-impact travel, seeking a balance between tourism and the maintenance of the region's cultural and ethnic heritage. From Luang Prabang, guests can take a two-hour boat trip upstream to get to the...
28th August 2019
Luang Prabang Boat Racing Festival, locally called Boun Souang Heua, takes place every year all around Laos during 6 weeks, from the end of August and the beginning of October (depending on the lunar calendar).
25th July 2019
 A new road connecting the Thai border at Nan Province with Luang Prabang Province in Laos has officially opened, cutting the travel time for visitors from nine to around five hours. 
27th June 2019
Lao Airlines has confirmed to reinstate its own direct flights between Luang Prabang and Phnom Penh in Cambodia from October. 
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