Interview with Mr Bui Anh Phong, Country Manager of ASIA DMC Laos

No-one likes working during a major holiday like Lunar New Year, but being employed in the hospitality industry means that being on duty over the holidays is often unavoidable. Today, we chat with Mr. Bui Anh Phong, ASIA DMC’s Country Manager for Laos, about his experience of working through the holidays...

Q)           Do you often have to work during major Holidays?

A)           When I was working in the Vietnam office, I sometimes worked during the holidays - even on Lunar New Year’s Day like in 2017! Since I now work in Laos, the holidays are different from Vietnam. Everybody works on Vietnamese holidays so it feels normal now, and working during Lao holiday is no big deal for me.

Q)           How do you feel when working holidays while “most people” have the day off?

A)           No matter which holidays you may celebrate, nobody likes to be separated from their loved ones over the holidays. In the hospitality industry, however, everyone works every other weekend and every other holiday. So if it’s my turn to work over the holidays, I work. I will reschedule another day to spend with my family and friends. Furthermore, technology today allows us to have a “face-to-face” conversation with anybody, anywhere and anytime using video calls, so I will not miss my family’s best moments anymore.

Q)           Does it feel more special to work during the holidays?

A)           Of course, it’s the festive spirit! On the way to the office, I can see people gathering and cheering, and the streets are well decorated. Even in our office, we have the same sense of holiday warmth with many decorations and activities. We also express holiday wishes and greetings to one another and our customers. Everything and everyone seems to be nicer and I don’t feel left out of the holiday activities going on outside.

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