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Excite Your Senses on The Bolaven Plateau

Join our adventure to the Bolaven Plateau, which stands high above the Mekong and is known for its temperate climate, coffee plantations and mist-shrouded waterfalls.

Upon arrival in Paksong, a 13km jeep ride on the trails through rural villages of the plateau brings travellers to an organic coffee farm. Here, you will visit the plantation and learn about the process of producing coffee, from planting to roasting.

Finally, guests can compare the tastes of three different kinds of coffee: Robusta, Arabica and Typica. Continue on to the village of the Laven ethnic minority, where you can wander the quiet lanes and interact with locals to learn more about their culture and lifestyle.

Contact our travel experts to add this exciting adventure to your itinerary in Laos!

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